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What is a Jewelry Insurance Appraisal?

Why do I need an appraisal and how much does it cost?

                 Jewelry Insurance replacement appraisals are done to help you acquire  jewelry insurance.  Unlike other types of insurance, most jewelry policies are replacement policies, not pay out policies. This means in the case of a loss, they are going to try to replace your jewelry as close as possible to what you had. In order to do this they will obviously need a very detailed appraisal including close up photos.  A quality Jewelry Insurance Appraisal will be invaluable in the event of a claim, and help you prove exactly what you had prior to the loss.
     Unlike jewelry stores that require you to leave your items for several days and typically charge over $100 per item, we examine your items while you wait and watch. Our appraisal fees start at $65.00 per item with quantity discounts available.
     Every important components is fully described, including gem identification, and quality analysis of clarity, color and cut. Measurements are taken to determine stone weight and mounting descriptions. Multiple digital photographs are taken, and values are assigned.  In most cases the finished documents are available immediately in digital form.
     All insurance companies accept our appraisals as they are very detailed and done by a Graduate Gemologist and a Certified Insurance Appraiser.
     Jewelry Appraisals are done by appointment only, so call us to ask questions and to set up an appointment.  904-309-9990

Why Get An Independent Jewelry Appraisal?

Why use an Independent Appraiser?  Can’t I just use a sales receipt from the jewelry store?
why you need a diamond appraisal

When you buy jewelry from a retail store or on-line, you are provided with a sales receipt and sometimes a document to use for obtaining insurance. The truth is, receipts are not intended to be used for obtaining insurance and are typically missing important details. Insurance documents provided by the seller may also be missing important details and often overstate an items value resulting in you paying higher insurance premiums that necessary. That’s why most insurance companies prefer to have the item appraised and valued by someone who is NOT the seller, as they do not have  a “conflict of interest”.  They also know many jewelers are not Graduate Gemologists and do not have in-depth training in writing insurance appraisals.  That’s why many jewelry retailers are now using or recommend an Independent Jewelry Appraiser for their customers appraisal needs.
     Another reason to use an independent appraiser is to make sure everything you were told at the time of purchase is correct and accurate. We see many examples of exaggerated gemstone quality claims, and with all of the synthetic and treated gemstones available today, smart consumers are having their purchases examined and valued by an independent expert to make sure their purchase was represented accurately.   
     At Expert Jewelry Appraisers, we do not buy or sell jewelry, and are Graduate Gemologists and Certified Insurance Appraisers.  We are also the recommended appraisers for many insurance companies and local agents.
     Insurance appraisals are done by appointment only, with fee’s starting at $65 per item.  Quantity discounts are available.  Call 904-309-9990 to make an appointment.

How can I sell my jewelry?

What do you do when it’s time to sell your unused jewelry items?

jewelry box consultation

Let’s face it, selling “previously loved” jewelry is not easy.  If you try to sell it yourself, you may unintentionally misrepresent it to a buyer, or sell it for less than it’s current value.  Mistakes like that can be costly in both your reputation and in real dollars! You should always begin by having your jewelry examined by a jewelry expert who is aware of current values and who is not a buyer or seller of jewelry.

As an independent appraiser, we can offer an unbiased appraisal opinion and provide you with an accurate description and a reasonable expectation of what you might receive when selling your jewelry.  This “Fair Market Value” appraisal is very different from an Insurance appraisal, and a Fair Market Appraisal document can be used to describe your items correctly to potential buyers and establish a “second hand or re-sale value” for you to use when selling.  Fair Market Value Appraisals are done by appointment only and while you wait and watch, with fees starting at $65.00 per item.  Quantity discounts available.

Should you prefer to have someone else sell your items for you, Expert Jewelry Appraisers can “Broker” the jewelry sale for you and make selling your jewelry much easier. Our Broker Service will take care of all the details of describing, pricing, photographing, and listing your items for sale on several online jewelry sites, and also offer your items to vintage jewelry dealers and collectors as well.

For many people our Expert Broker Service is well worth the fee as you can maintain your privacy while getting the best results, and with out doing the hard work.  Call for more information or to make an appointment to have your jewelry valued for re-sale.

Let Us Appraise Your Jewelry While You Wait and Watch!  No Need to Leave Your Jewelry With Someone.     We Are Recommended by Many Area Insurance Agents.  Please Call For An Appointment.  904-309-9990 

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      • Colored Stone & Gem Identification: 1991
      • Pearl Grading: 2011
      • Gem Identification, Colored Stone Lab & Diamond Grading Lab: 2011
      • Graduate Gemologist Degree: 2012
  • Certified Insurance Appraiser

    Approved Appraiser for Jewelers Insurance Brokerage of North America (J.I.B.N.A.)


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    • Certified Gemologist: 1992

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