Certified Insurance Appraiser

The quality and cost of a Jewelry Appraisal is based on the appraisers training in gemology, (the science of gemstones), training in appraisal theory, and how many years of hands on experience.

Certified Insurance Appraisals by Expert Jewelry Appraisers LLC

Laser Drilled Diamond

Examples of laser drill holes, leading to the vaporized carbon inclusions.

While there may be many people offering to provide a jewelry appraisal, most do not have the combination of skills and experience required to produce quality documents that are accepted by most insurance companies and legal professionals.  That is why over 80% of jewelry appraisals submitted for insurance coverage are missing one or more essential description elements.

Less than 3% of retail jewelry stores have a Graduate Gemologist on staff, and even fewer have been schooled in appraisal theory.  Most insurance companies also prefer that the appraisal is performed by a disinterested third party, meaning someone other that the seller, and who is not involved in the buying or selling of jewelry.

The scientific tools required are also expensive, and the appraiser also needs to stay on top of market changes with all the important gemstones and materials, as well as the most recent fakes and treatments which are always getting better, and harder to detect. Two common diamonds treatments are the filling of fractures, and the drilling with lasers to vaporize large carbon inclusions

Diamond Fracture Filling

Examples of fracture filling, or clarity enhanced diamonds.

Fancy colored diamonds and precious gemstones are not without their treatments, many of which are irradiated or heated to improve their color, and fracture filled and dyed as well.  While most of these treatments are permanent and do improve the stones appearance, some are not, and can dramatically effect the value of the stone.

At Expert Jewelry Appraisers, we have the training, equipment and experience to accurately identify and grade most common gemstones and their treatments. Our jewelry appraisers are Graduate Gemologists (Gemological Institute of America) , Certified Insurance Appraisers, and are recommended appraisers by the Jewelry Insurance Brokerage of North America (JIBNA).