Frequently Asked Jewelry Appraisal Questions

Find the answers to the most asked questions about appraisals and gemology.

Why do I need a jewelry appraisal?

There are many reasons you may need to have your jewelry appraised. Some of the more common ones are:

  1. Documentation for Jewelry Insurance needs.
  2. Updating an old appraisal.
  3. Wanting to sell an item.
  4. Division of common property during a divorce or the probate of an estate.
  5. Confirmation and valuation of a recently purchased item.
  6. Estate or Trust Preparation for the distribution of jewelry in a will.
  7. Identification and Valuation of inherited items.
  8. Just plain curious!

How long does is take to appraise ​an item?

​The average item takes about 20 to 30 minuets to appraise.  Some items are fairly straight forward to appraise, while others are very complex, and may require additional time, including extended research for very unusual items.

What will I get when the appraisal is done?

Once the appraisal is finished,  the appraiser will be able to print out the completed documents before leaving.  While some items may require additional time to research values, the vast majority of appraisals can be completed at the time of the examination, and you will be provided with both a printed and a digital copy.

How often do I need to update an appraisal?

With rapidly changes in the precious metal market, and frequent changes in the diamond and gemstone markets, appraisals need to be updated every three to five years.  In years past, jewelry appraisals could be left in place for extended periods of time with out worry of the items becoming under insured.  Now most insurance companies suggest having your items re-evaluated regularly every few years.  With Expert Jewelry Appraisers, we securely archive your appraisal, so updating the information can be done easily and at a reduced cost when it’s time to update.

Can I use my Receipt to obtain Jewelry Insurance?

Receipts or documents provided by the seller may be able to secure temporary coverage, until an appraisal can be done.  Most Insurance companies require a Jewelry Appraisal to be done by someone other than the seller, who is also a Graduate Gemologist, and trained in appraisal theory. Only 3 % of retail jewelers have a Graduate Gemologist on staff, and most have not been certified to appraise jewelry. At Expert Jewelry Appraisers our appraisers are Graduate Gemologists, and Certified Jewelry Appraisers have no conflicts of interests, because they do not engage in the buying or selling of jewelry.

What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

How does clarity enhancement affect my diamond value? The most common types of “enhancements” that can enhance or improve a diamonds clarity are laser drilling and fracture filling. Both treatments can improve the looks of lower grade diamonds.

In laser drilling an extremely narrow laser beam is used to drill into the diamond and reach an inclusion, typically a sizable “carbon spot”.  The laser then vaporizes the carbon, leaving a white or clear void, which may be filled with a resin to make it appear less noticeable. This is a permanent enhancement and although it does not increase a diamonds value, it does improve the appearance and make the diamond more attractive.

Fracture filling is the injection of a transparent resin filler into a diamonds fractures that reach the surface.  The optical properties of the filler is very close to that of the diamonds, so the fractures appear to almost disappear. This can make a very significant improvement in a diamond with large fractures or feathers, making a very hard to sell diamond more marketable. The clarity grade of a fracture filled diamond can often be improved by one or two grades, which will effect it’s value.  The filling is not considered to be permanent due to it’s tendency to melt out of the diamond if the diamond is heated by a jewelers torch during routine jewelry repairs. Great care must be taken when repairing jewelry set with fracture filled diamonds.

Any Clarity Enhanced diamond must be properly and fully disclosed so that consumers know what they are buying.  The Gemologist Appraisers at Expert Jewelry Appraisers will check for clarity enhancements when they grade a diamond, and report on any enhancements found.

Is it safe to buy Diamonds and Jewelry on the Internet?

How can I be sure the items were described accurately and I paid a fair Price?  Internet sales take place in many forms from retailers web sites, to online auctions and classified ads.  In all cases the consumers are at a disadvantage because they can not personally examine the item.  The decision to buy is based on the photos and information supplied by the seller, which may or may not be accurate. In order to safe guard your internet purchases from fraud and misrepresentations, have your internet purchases authenticated and verified by a Gemologist Appraiser.

At Expert Jewelry Appraisers, our Jewelry Consultation Service will authenticate any certificates or documents supplied by the seller, and offer an opinion as to its quality and value.  If you desire to have the item insured, a Jewelry Insurance Appraisal can be performed to provide a document that can be used for insurance purposes as well.

How can I sell my Jewelry if I no longer need or want it?

When it comes time to sell, a good starting point is to get your jewelry appraised, so that both you and any potential buyer will know the facts. Selling previously owned jewelry is not an easy task, and having a current appraisal with a detailed description and valuation can make the difference in completing the sale, and at a fair price. By investing in a Pre-Sale Consultation, our appraiser will help you determine what you have, where the best place to sell it is, and a reasonable expectation of a selling price.  With a full written Jewelry Appraisal, you will document the facts that any potential buyer will want to know, which can help you justify your asking price. The appraisal will also include digital images that can be used for your marketing purposes.