Fair Market Value Appraisals

A Fair Market Value Appraisal can be performed to meet many different uses.

Some of the more common reasons to request a Fair Market Value Appraisal are:

  • independent ring appraisalFor the re-sale of a used item.​
  • Equitable division of property in the dissolution of marriage.
  • Equitable division of property in the distribution of an estate.
  • Trust and Estate planning.
  • Estate tax liability.
  • Charitable contributions.

​While each type of Fair Market Value Appraisal may have some limitations and differences in it’s use, all Fair Market Appraisals will contain:

  • Detailed description of the item.
  • Gemological description of stones including measurements and estimated weights.
  • Quality descriptions of stones using industry accepted standards.
  • Any detected treatments or enhancements to the stones.
  • Metal type and purity including weight.
  • Jewelry condition and construction method.
  • Digital photographs showing design and style elements.

Expert Jewelry Appraisers are available by appointment only, at your preferred location. Please call to schedule an appointment.