Independent On Site Jewelry Appraisals by a Graduate Gemologist in Ponte Vedra Beach and the Jacksonville, FL Area.  By Appointment only.

What Is The Jewelry Appraisal Process?

Determining what type of jewelry appraisal you need is the first step.

Most appraisals are done to help you acquire  jewelry insurance. Other needs maybe to determine the re-sale value, to help with estate planning, or for other legal proceedings.  Your jewelry will then be examined and all important components are fully described, including gem identification, and quality analysis of clarity, color and cut. Photographs are taken, values are assigned and the finished documents are then formatted, with a printed copy  produced and given to you.  We then archive the documents, so they can be updated when needed in the future.

Why Get An Independent Jewelry Appraisal?

You should always use an independent appraiser.

why you need a diamond appraisal

Most insurance companies require the item to be examined and valued by an appraiser who is a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), who has specialized training in jewelry appraising, and who is not the seller.  Appraisals provided by the seller have a “conflict of interest” with the valuation, are typically missing important components, and often written by someone who is not specifically trained in appraising or have a Graduate gemologist degree.
If you have a previous appraisal that is more than 5 years old, it should also be updated so you will not be under insured.  Other reasons to get an appraisal is when buying or selling  an item, estate planning or probate needs, to authenticate diamond and gem certificates, or for just plain curiosity!

How Much Does A Jewelry Appraisal Cost?

Cost for jewelry appraisals vary based upon a few factors.

How much does a jewelry appraisal cost?

Cost of jewelry appraisals should be determined by the item’s complexity, and the time required to complete the appraisal, not based on the final value of the item. Most items can be appraised in about 30 minutes.  Our appraisal fee for the first “typical” item is $90.00 and $65.00 for each additional item. Complex items or items requiring additional time for research are quoted on an individual basis.

Our onsite appraisal service may also require additional travel fee’s if your location is out side of  our normal service area.  Consultation services are charged by the hour plus travel fee’s if any.

Independent On Site Jewelry Appraisals by a Graduate Gemologist in Ponte Vedra Beach and the Jacksonville, FL Area.   By Appointment Only.

Member Associations

Kevin Carpenter G.G. C.I.A. Senior Appraiser at Expert Jewelry Appraisers LLC

Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) and Certified Insurance Appraiser (C.I.A.) with over 40 Years of Jewelry Experience.

Jacksonville, FL – Ponte Vedra Beach Appraiser – Providing Independent On Site Jewelry Appraisals

Kevin has a passion for gems and jewelry, having been inspired by his father, who is a geologist.  With over 40 years experience he has managed Vermont’s largest jewelry retailer, owned his own jewelry design business, consulted for one of the largest jewelry industry liquidators, and appraised fine jewelry for a large national jewelry appraisal firm.

Rounding out his jewelry knowledge Kevin has completed courses of study in diamond grading, gem identification and grading, jewelry valuation, and appraisal theory from the most prestigious schools in the industry. Most recently he was awarded the title of Certified Insurance Appraiser (C.I.A.) and is a recommended jewelry appraiser for the Jewelry Insurance Brokerage of North America (JIBNA).

If you need a jewelry appraisal in Jacksonville, FL area, please contact us for more information. By Appointment only. 

  • Gemological Institute of America

      • Diamond Grading: 1985
      • Colored Stone & Gem Identification: 1991
      • Pearl Grading: 2011
      • Gem Identification, Colored Stone Lab & Diamond Grading Lab: 2011
      • Graduate Gemologist Degree: 2012
  • Certified Insurance Appraiser

    Approved Appraiser for Jewelers Insurance Brokerage of North America (J.I.B.N.A.)


    • Certified Member

    • Registered Jeweler: 1991
    • Certified Gemologist: 1992